100% full attached thumb for a better injury prevention
Reinforced palm for a maximum absorption
Specific mesh panel placed under the fist for great thermal Regulation
Long lacing for a stabilized and customized fit


Full set in 35£ if only need Boxing Gloves then it will be 20£

Fully handmade in Pakistan with 100% Skintex leather, our Gallant boxing gloves were designed to bring you the highest fighting experience at the best price with the finest quality. The design provides unparalleled wrist protection and links the glove to feel one with your hand. The triple density foam balances the shock, improving you as a fighter without the stress on your arms whenever you make impact. The unique design and colors are fit for our fighters no matter what level you are. The reinforced seams and mesh panels combined with their ergonomic shape will bring you a comfortable fit and feel as if you are truly one with the glove. Each strike you make will ensure your opponent will feel the Elite power of your punches. Packing in punches day in and day out is what an Elite fighter is all about

Additional information

Weight 0.9 oz
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 5 mm


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